Intake Manifold Conversions
CTR can handle all of your intake manifold modifications.

  -Carb to EFI conversions
  -Mulitple injectors per cylinder
  -N2O bungs
  -Custom sheetmetal plenums
Complete Race Car Wiring
Profesional wiring services

 -Custom EFI harnesses for Holley EFI and FAST XFI
 -All types of forced induction and nitrous apllications

Chassis Fabrication
 -Complete tube chassis design
 -Stock suspension class legal chassis
 -Updates on existing chassis
 -Street car 6-10 point cages

Trackside Tuning

 -EFI tuning
 -Radial tire chassis tuning
 -Power managment

Custom Headers and Turbo Systems

Custom headers for all racing applications