Lexan Scoops

CTR lexan scoops are cnc cut from .250" quality lexan. They will hold up to backfires better than other scoops on the market. They are available in clear and smoked, single or dual carb configurations. Call for custom apllications.

Single carb- $275
Dual carb- $300
Scoop plug-$25
Quick-latch hold down-$25

Racing Jack System

 CTR race jack system are quality built using thick wall chromoly material to support 3200+lb cars. They come compete with pump and hoses.  They are available bare or powdercoated.

Bare- $2300
Powdercoated- $2500

Lithium Battery

CTR batteries offer big power in a lightweight package. Enclosed in a powdercoated aluminum case and featuring Anderson Power plugs for quick disconnect. Batteries are 16 volt with 2 different sizes available.

13.2ah 990 cranking amp- $600
20.0ah 1600 cranking amp- $650

Lithium Balance Charger

CTR chargers allow all the cells to be balanced as they charge to prolong battery life and performance. It charges at rates up to 20amps for quick charges between rounds. It comes standard in a protective waterproof case. The charger also has a extra power source, to power the car for cooling/data collection/tuning between rounds while the battery is charging, available as an upgrade.

Charger- $550
Power source upgrade- +$115